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Multifunctional carport for 2 or 3 cars

Product Features

Charging columns

Charging columns of different manufacturers can be integrated in the cheeks

Technical Specifications


Personalize your carport with your design


The carport with 24 solar modules (7,1kW)

  • Modern design
  • Effective advertising
  • Periphery freely configurable
  • Other forms of use possible

The Company

  • Founded in 1996 by Ralf Hacker
  • First settled in 32584 Löhne, 3 employees
  • In the year 2000: Relocation to 32609 Hüllhorst, extension of the product range to plants for nitrogen production, 7 employees
  • From 2010: Relocation to 32310 Lübbecke, purchase of 2 laser cutting machines, 1300m² production area, 15 employees, including three apprentices

Our other sectors

Nitrogen Generators | Laser Cutting Machines | Compressor Units | Metal Construction